Elizabeth Donaldson

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The work posted under "Published Poetry" is, unsurprisingly, a portal to the publication or includes the volume and issue of the publication for more access to similar themes. "Orator of the Natural" pieces are part of the collection that supplemented my thesis regarding the ecofeminist themes of Maxine Kumin and Elizabeth Bishop. These pieces reflect the stylistic and contextual decisions of these particular authors, though were also influenced heavily by poets Mary Oliver, Louise Gluck, Sharon Olds, and Carolyn Kizer, as well as essayists Annie Dillard, Brenda Miller, Garrison Keillor, and Harrison Candelaria Fletcher. Although the critical thesis is officially completed, "Orator of the Natural" is an on-going writing project that will continue to explore sex and gender in the environment.

Hatch Chile

Susquehanna Review 2015

If You Feel Anxious

Manic Seasons

March 3rd, 2015


March 3rd, 2015


March 3rd, 2015

Winter in New Mexico (For Georgia O'Keeffe, after Maxine Kumin)

March 3rd, 2015

From the Refuse

Bowling Green State University September 2014

Odessa, TX

Outrageous Fortune April 2014 Outrageous Fortune

Abiquiú, NM

Mary Baldwin College April 2014

Grandmother in August

Allegheny Review 2013